BISON’s Cryptoradar analyses real-time data and provides a market sentiment

of the most discussed cryptocurrencies. Instantly see what’s hot and

what’s not, without having to read thousands of tweets or search through online news.

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BISON's Cryptoradar is a market sentiment based on artificial intelligence – simply put, the Cryptoradar represents a trend indicator. It shows you which tradable cryptocurrencies are discussed the most, so you don't need to read thousands of tweets or search through online news. The Cryptoradar analyses close to 250,000 crypto-related tweets from the crypto community every day and gives you an overview of the most relevant information. 

BISON's Cryptoradar is based on machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence. The BISON algorithm automatically evaluates over two million tweets from the crypto community. Over several years, the Cryptoradar has learned to evaluate different tweets based on the input from our crypto experts. First, the Cryptoradar examines two million tweets per day for their relevance in regard to the respective cryptocurrency, then filters out those that do not add any value to the analysis because they are spam or something similar. About 250,000 tweets remain and are visually processed by the BISON algorithm in the Cryptoradar.

The Cryptoradar contains two dimensions: the market sentiment represents the average opinion on the cryptocurrency in focus – the more positive tweets, the further to the right the respective icon moves on the Cryptoradar. The buzz indicates the number of opinions exchanged in regard to the cryptocurrencies - the greater the number of tweets, the higher the icon is displayed. This allows you to quickly and easily read the sentiment on the tradable cryptocurrencies within the Crytoradar.

Important – BISON’s Cryptoradar does not represent a recommendation for action, but should rather act as additional support in your investment decision in the crypto market and serve as a source of information.

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