BISON makes your entry into the crypto world as easy as possible.
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BISON takes away the complicated processes

BISON is simple and intuitive – you don’t need a wallet, a deposit etc., and you don’t have to deal with any tedious paperwork. There are no complicated technical barriers or processes. All you need is the BISON app and you are ready to go!


"Made in Germany"quality

BISON is “Made in Germany” and fulfills all German market requirements. BISON has also implemented a comprehensive multi-level security concept that ensures the storage of your cryptocurrencies.


Focus on the essentials with BISON

BISON, powered by Börse Stuttgart, is the first app for buying and selling Bitcoin & Co. offered by a traditional stock exchange. With BISON you stay on top of your investments, the market, and the prices. BISON provides you with all the necessary information needed for your smooth entrance into the crypto world.

Focus on the essentials with BISON

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See your cost up front

The price you see is the price you get – always. There are no unexpected fees or commissions. Read more about costs and fees here .

smart entry

Your smart connection to the crypto world

Becoming a part of the BISON tribe is quick and easy. Simply download the BISON app, verify yourself, add credit to your BISON account, and get started!

BISON's Cryptoradar

The exclusive Cryptoradar helps you keep up with social media buzz, stay on top of your investments, and be informed about the conditions of the crypto market.

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Buy and sell Bitcoin & Co. effortlessly

BISON is optimized for easy and fast cryptocurrency trading. BISON starts off trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple (XRP), with more assets to come in the near future!


Useful Info-Report

Don’t worry about the amount of taxable sums of your purchases and sales made in the BISON App anymore. Simply create our Info-Report and have all the information for your tax declaration ready. Click here for more info.


Individual price alarms

Stay informed about price-changes within the crypto market according to your personal preferences. Create as many price alerts as you’d like and get informed as often as you’d like.

Discover the smart app features

Download the BISON app and discover its  features. You can start with either the demo mode, with paper money and without verification, or go all in and directly buy and sell Bitcoin & Co. with real money.

BISON is powered by

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